Will the Rings Turn My Fingers Green?

Absolutely NOT! When creating our jewelry, I use 925 Sterling Silver and 14KT Rolled Gold Wire and that will not turn your skin funky colors!

Are Your Earrings Good For Sensitive Ears?

YES!!! All earrings sold are hypoallergenic and come on stainless steel posts or hooks!  Lead and Nickel free!

What is a Man Made Crystal VS Natural Crystal?
Natural Crystals are crystals that haven't been altered to enhance elements of the crystal.
Man Made Crystals are crystals that are exposed to various different materials to achieve different colors or looks-whether is is adding metals or minerals or being exposed to metal vaper.
Common Man Made/Altered Crystals:
-Opalite-Glass with metal or minerals added
-Goldstone-Glass with flecks of copper
-Angel Aura Quartz-Quartz exposed to metallic vapor
-Turquoise-Often mistaken for dyed blue howlite or reconstructed turquoise that is ground up and additional blue dye is added to achieve a prettier color.
-Agate-Bright blue or bright pink are dyed to achieve a prettier color
Does Wrap All About It and Dye Happy Use Natural or Man Made Crystals?
What Man Made/Altered Crystals does Wrap All About It Use?
-Blue Goldstone
All in all even though some crystals are altered, it doesn't mean there aren't healing properties associated with the crystal!
Example:Gold Stone-Even though it may be glass, its flecks of copper is believed to help with the nagging pains of arthritis!



Yes and No, it all depends on the situation or intention. While all crystals do what there healing properties are, a bigger chunk of a crystal will help as a daily reminder.
For instance Black Tourmaline of any size helps protect a home BUT if you were to put a small crystal in a corner it may be forgotten easily. Lets say you were to put a BIG Chunk of Tourmaline by the front door, it would be a constant daily visual reminder to ward away negative energy!
What Shapes Do Crystals Come in?
-Raw-Rough Natural Crystals
-Tumbled-Smooth Crystals
-Palm stones
-Worry Stones
-Carvings-Associated with certain aspects of life. EX:Eggs-Fertility, Hearts-Self Love or Love
-Cabochon-Often used while making jewelry